Our Mission
The mission of our company is to provide accurate land services to the general public and commercial
business entities for the purpose of clarifying and establishing the layout of a certain parcel of land so that
the land may be maintained, developed, sold or exchanged in the common market place.

Dedmon Surveys has been in business for over 50 years and we take pride in being one of the most
recognized land surveying companies in the Lake Norman Area. As a family owned business, we
understand the importance and value of offering great service at a fair price and in a timely manner. We
currently employee two licensed surveyors and run up to four field crews per day.

Our company has grown considerably over the last 10+ years due to the fast-growing Lake Norman area.
We continue to update our technology and equipment to keep up with this growth and to better serve our

Ronnie Dedmon, a registered land surveyor (now referred to as a professional land surveyor) started
Dedmon Surveys in 1968. He owned and operated the business in Lincolnton, NC from 1968-1975 under
the name of Dedmon Surveys.

In 1975 Ronnie went to work for the City of Lincolnton as City Engineer and Public Works Director.
Following a span of 8 years of service with the city, Ronnie re-opened the business in Lincolnton in 1983
under the name of Ronnie Dedmon Surveyor P.A., which is still the official name of the company.
In 1985 the company was moved to Denver NC near the Lake Norman Area due to the area's rapid growth
and the fact that a majority of the company’s work was a result of that growth.

Over the years, Dedmon Surveys has grown into one of the largest land surveying companies in the lake
area offering a wide variety of surveying services and more than 50 years of combined surveying
Ronnie is currently retired but offers advice and counsel on a continual basis. The office is currently
managed by Josh Reep and has two full time surveyors which include Chuck Poovey and Robert Dedmon.
5O Years of Trusted Integrity!
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